AngleBall®  How to Play 

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     AngleBall is played 3v3 and up. 

     1 point is scored by using the AngleBall to directly hit and knock over the opponent’s target from any angle around it. Matches are played to 10 points.

     For non-contact AngleBall the ball-carrier may not take a step while holding the ball, and must pass or shoot within 5 seconds of receiving it. For touch AngleBall: the ball-carrier can run with the ball, but if the ball-carrier is lightly tagged on the arm or back, then s/he must pass the ball within 3 seconds. If the ball-carrier is tagged while in the process of shooting, the shot is still valid. In absence of a referee, the tagger should count after making a tag, "one-one-thousand...two-one-thousand...three-one-thousand". Contact AngleBall is the same as touch angleBall except forceful blocking, grabbing, wrapping, and pushing is allowed with the hands (but no hitting or shoving), and only between an opponent's shoulders to waist, including the opponent's arms, hands and playball

     Each Standard should be surrounded by a 6-foot radius target-circle.  A defender may not be inside of their target-circle for longer than 5 seconds. A ball-carrier is never allowed to touch ground inside of the opposing team's target-circle.  

     Play always starts from inside a team's target-circle. 

     A foul always gives a point to the opposing team.

     AngleBall can be played full or half field. Half-field is played 360 degrees around a single target.

     AngleBall is generally played with no out-of-bounds. 

     Refer to the FITSPORTS.US Program guide for our suggested FitScore System (included with the equipment).