Complete the Collection with all 5 FITSPORTS® Sets.

     The American made FitSports® Arena is the World's only portable dodgeball, soccer & general fitness arena! Sets up in minutes and fits entirely in the included duffle bag. Rules & activities. Accessories

Includes the 20' x 40' net arena & equipment duffle. Poles screw into the ground; for grass & sand use only. 


The Premier Portable Sports & Fitness Arena. 

The FitSports® FitRing is the official ring of Ring-Pong™, Ring-Disc™ and over 100 other sports & fitness games. 

The FitSports® AmericanNet is the only American made roundnet set, the first for 2-12 people, the first to float out of the box for water action. Also converts into a soccer goal. 

The FitSports® Standard is the official equipment of Angleball®, for the fittest sports action ever, since 1942. Played for fun & fitness by NFL Super Bowl Champion teams, Team USA Olympic Athletes and American servicemen & Women. 

The FitSports® Pit is the only portable (& affordable) gagaball & general fitness pit. Size adjustable with a maximum area of 360'. Fits in the included duffel bag and sets up on sand, grass or court in minutes. 



Includes the 20' x 40' net arena & base frame (for indoor or outdoor all-terrain use) & equipment duffle.

FITSPORTS® US & Worldwide 2021