FitSports  Clubs


FitSports. The Most Inclusive Fitness Sports Clubs, Ever.

     We designed the FitSports® Clubs program to be the most inclusive fitness sports program, ever, making fitness sports perfectly balanced for varied groups of different genders, ages, ability and competition levels - without compromise. FitSports® Clubs can be started at any school, gym, YMCA, camp or active gathering, and a free club guide is included with each set including our patenting FitScore™ system. FitScore isolates individual achievement from team achievement, resulting in individualized "FitScores" for personal fitness tracking, while still allowing opt-in to our competition ranking system. With FitScore participants only competition is themselves so they can be, and beat, their best.  

     Marketing your FitSports® Club for profit requires being licensed as a FitSports® Pro, has a $99 annual fee, and includes a meeting conducted online through video-chat with our FitSports® Certification Staff to determine if going Pro is right for you. Include your contact information with purchase so we can reach out to schedule a time to video-chat. Prior knowledge of the FitSports® Program is not required prior to the video-chat, but is suggested. During the video-chat we will discuss the FitSports® Club System, FitScore algorithm, best practices & our code of conduct. We will make a decisions during the meeting if you are a good fit for a FitSports® Franchise and refund you the full amount if it does not work out. If you are serious about fitness sports and all that entails - living a healthy lifestyle, being a wholesome and active member of your community, being a good sport - then there should be no problem for you to earn your Pro certification.   

The FitScore System 

     FitSports® has worked with PE Teachers of the Year, World Class sports fitness professionals, and American servicemen & servicewomen to develop FITSCORE™ the most inclusive, general, personalized & intensive fitness sports system ever, without compromise. 

     FITSCORE events are played in rounds that rotate through every team combination. We use our patenting reversible wrist-pinnies & FITSCORE card to keep track. At the end of each round, the points scored by both teams are subtracted and the difference is awarded to the winning players as FitPoints. At the end of the event, Fitpoints are summed into personalized FitScores unique to each player’s personal goals. How you use your fitscore is up to you. Your FITSCORE can be kept private so you can focus on “fun, fitness & friendship”, or compared with your prior FITSCORES to track your progress, or compared with others’ FITSCORES for intensive sports competition. FITSCORE represents total fitness sports ability, even leadership ability; so don’t be surprised if the higher Fitscore goes to the best communicator and not the best shooter or defender. The FITSCORE System is so general that it even allows for uneven teams because players take turns on the short side and earn a multiplier if they win the round. The FITSCORE system allows for drop-in, fitness sports programs, and FitSports® offers a competitive commercial franchise rate for you to start your own professional gym or club. Try our patenting FITSCORE System and we think you will agree, it is the most inclusive, general, personalized & intensive fitness sports system ever, without compromise. That’s FITSCORE from FitSports®.  

FITSPORTS® US & Worldwide 2020