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GagaFit™ How to Play

  1. A player can hit the ball with their hands, but picking up the ball and throwing it at a player is not allowed. Some versions do not permit "scooping," or curling one's fingers while hitting the ball so as to project the ball into the air. In some games, only open hand hits are allowed to prevent striking injury to small children and also to enable greater control of the ball, keeping it low and inbounds.

  2. If the ball touches a player anywhere on or below the knee (in some versions, below the ankle or waist), that player is eliminated from the game. If a player hits themself with the ball, accidentally or otherwise, that player is eliminated.

  3. A player may not hit the ball out of the pit. The penalty for breaking this rule is assigned to the last player to touch the ball before leaving the pit, rather than to the original hitter. Because this provision can result in a strategy of hitting the ball upwards to eliminate another player, the rule prohibiting scooping attempts to discourage this. In some versions, an exception is made if the ball hits a wall or the ground before leaving the pit; in this scenario, the exit is deemed to be the result of a ricochet, and the player is not eliminated.

  4. Holding or otherwise using the wall to assist a jump is termed "wall jumping" and is prohibited. However, some variations allow wall-jumping.

  5. No player may hit the ball twice in a row, unless the ball comes into contact with the wall or another player between touches. This rule is sometimes expanded to include "self-serving," which prevents the player that served the ball from being the first to touch the ball.

  6. If a player pops the ball up into the air, another player may catch it and ground it. The other player is then out. Some variations prohibit catching completely.

  7. A player must step out of the pit completely to show that they have been eliminated.

  8. A player must start the game with one of their feet (or some versions hands) touching the wall of the pit; however, some venues do not make it a rule to touch the pit as the game starts. One player or a referee has to throw the ball in and have it bounce thrice and chant "ga-ga-ga" (Some versions use "ga-ga-go", "ga-ga", and "ga-ga-ball", among others). If a player removes their foot (or hand) off the wall before or during the chant, they are eliminated.

  9. The winner of the last game has the right to serve to start the next game.

The basic rules of ga-ga ball are that it is played in an octagonal shape ga-ga ball pit and the players use a soft foam ball to play. To win the ga-ga ball game, players must try to hit the ball below the knees or waist.  The last player standing is the winner of the game! However, ga-ga ball can be played in whatever way you want! Here are some ideas on how to change up ga-ga ball:

  1. Teams: Determine how many people make a team and use the same basic rules

  • Pass, Pass, Play: To make it more difficult, all players must pass the ball twice before the ball can be hit at the opponent.

  • Multiple ga-ga balls: This would be for more experienced players where you put more ga-ga balls into play.

  • Eliminate arms: You can only use one hand and arm to hit the ga-ga ball.

  1. Free for all: Every man for themselves

  • Bounce, Play:

  • Before the ga-ga ball can be hit at your opponent, you must bounce the ga-ga ball once off the wall of the ga-ga pit.

  • Before the ga-ga ball can be hit at the opponent, you must bounce it once on the floor.

  • Elimate arms: The same idea as mentioned before, players can only use one arm to hit the ga-ga ball.

Have your own variation that wasn’t mentioned here? We’d love to hear them! Tell us your new rules for ga-ga ball at!

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